Mini Therapy

Relieve Pain and Fatigue with the Mini Therapy Battery Therapeutic Massager. 6 attachments allow you to customize your massage experience. 2 speeds provide fast relief: Low for soothing relief and High for deep penetration. Relieve every day aches and pains quickly with the benefits of a therapeutic massage. (# 4298)


    Massager Head Count
  • 5 Interchangeable Attachments
  • Power Source
  • Battery (2x AA Not Included)
  • Massager Type
  • Mini
    Massager Interchangeable Heads
  • Facial Attachment
  • Scalp Attachment
  • Deep Muscle Attachment
  • General Body Attachment
  • Accupoint Attachment
  • Raised Bump Attachment

  $12.99 (or less)




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