Wahl in the News... 

Consumer Division 

3.15.2014 - Wahl Celebrates 95th Anniversary

3.12.2013 - Wahl Proving American Manufacturing Still Makes the Cut

3.10.2012- Wahl Introduces Next Generation of Lithium Ion Products

3.10.2013- Wahl Takes "Do-It-Yourself" Trend to New Personal Level 

10.3.2013 Wahl Maintains Commitment to Retailers 

Clipper Division

3.15.2014 - Wahl Helps Guys Step Up Their Game with the New Elite Pro Clipper

11.12.2013 Herzlich Shaves Garcon’s Head as Victor in Wahl Head-to-Head Challenge

11.7.2013 - Pro Football Rivals Up the Ante in Wahl Fundraising Competition for Childhood Cancer 

9.30.2013 - Pro Football Rivals Go 'Head-to-Head' to Tackle Childhood Cancer 

8.20.2013 - New Study from Wahl Shows Women Prefer Men with Classic Look

3.12.2013 - Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper Takes Home Haircutting to New Places

8.8.2011- Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper

8.8.2011 - Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper


Trimmer Division

3.15.2014 - Wahl Quick Style Lithium Trimmer Brings Convenience to the Forefront

2.4.2014 - San Antonio Man Awarded Best Facial Hair in Country and Coveted Wahl Man of the Year Title

7.12.2013 - Is Facial Hair Performance Enhancing?

3.13.2013 - Wahl Introduces Lighted Lithium Detailer

3.13.2013 - Wahl Expands Lithium Ion Line to Address Fastest Growing Segment

1.31.2013 - Wahl Reveals Best Facial Hair in the Country

3.10.2012 - Wahl Goes "All In" with New Three-in-One Hybrid

1.31.2012 - Wahl Reveals Best Facial Hair in the Country

9.6.2011 -  Fu Manchued Pitcher John Axford Teams with Wahl to Promote Facial Hair

8.15.2011 - Wahl Introduces Next Generation of Lithium Ion Grooming Tool

3.6.2011 - Wahl Introduces Lithium Pen Trimmer

5.3.2011 - Wahl In Search of Best Facial Hair in Country

Home Pet Division

 3.15.2014 - Wahl All-Natural Dog Wipes Offer New Level of Convenience For Today's Health-Conscious Pet Owners

3.15.2014 - Wahl Expands All-Natural Pet Grooming Lineup to Include New Whitening Shampoo and Scents

11.25.2013 - Wahl and Petfinder Foundation Announce Dirtiest Dog in America

10.1.2013 - Wahl and Petfinder Foundation do the 'Dirty Work' to Clean Out America's Shelters

3.12.2013 - Wahl No-Rinse Waterless Pet Shampoo Takes Dirty Work Out of Bathing

3.12.2013 - Wahl Introduces Lithium Ion Pet Clipper

3.12.2013 - Wahl Doggie Deodorant and Odor Neutralizer Make Pet Grooming More Refreshing

3.10.2012 - Wahl's Natural Pet Shampoos Offer Fresh Approach to Grooming Problem

3.6.2011 - Wahl's Deluxe Pro Series - Professional Grooming at Home

Therapeutic Massager Division 

3.15.2014 - Wahl Expands Massager Line for Customized Relief

4.24.2013 - The Truth Hurts: New Study from Wahl Reveals 85 Percent of Americans in Pain

3.12.2013 - Wahl Hot-Cold Massaging Gel Pack Brings It All Together to Fight the Pain

3.12.2013 - Wahl Introduces Hot & Cold Therapy Massager For Those Fighting Pain

3.10.2012 - Wahl's New Pain Management Approach Spells Relief for Retailers and Consumer

3.6.2011 - Wahl Brings Relief and Innovation to the Home Massager Market

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